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Memphis wedding DJ that can keep the dance floor alive! Digital Music & Entertainment DJ Services.

The primary concern for most brides and grooms is the reception. They want their reception to be memorable and a great time had by all guests. The question is how does Digital Music & Entertainment go about accomplishing that task?

Digital Music & Entertainment DJ / Photo Booth Services is Memphis' best wedding DJ and Photo Booth service in the Mid South. We play music that will keep your guests dancing from ages

2- 92! We have a unlimited music catalog covering all genres of music from Bach , Hip Hop, to Rock.

The key is to listen to the couple getting married. Learn the music that motivates the bride and groom to dance. Digital Music & Entertainment DJ Services doesn't stop at hearing from the bride and groom. We investigate to learn the parents favorite music as well as members in the wedding party.

As a Memphis DJ, especially a Memphis wedding DJ you must be able to read the crowd. It's easy to be a club DJ and keep the dance floor going because the patrons attending that particular club already knows the type of music being played and that's why they are there. It's imperative that a wedding DJ posses the skill level to read and assess the crowd. Digital Music & Entertainment DJ Services specializes in keeping the dance floor alive by mixing songs from all genres so everyone is having a great time!

We think it works best after most of the formalities such as dinner, speeches and cutting of the cake are over that you get the dance floor going by introducing music that will get the 40 and over age crowd on the dance floor. If you can make your parents, aunts and uncles happy and get those family members involved, it becomes astronomically easier to later on start modernizing the music and playing current music hits that appeal to the 20 - 30 year old group. Songs from the 70's and 80's that everyone knows is the bases of your music foundation and then we build from there inserting mixes of songs from the late 90's and early 2000's. These chart topping hits will make sure everyone is having the best time of their lives. From that point we are live and current with the latest and greatest hits making sure that you feel the heat on the dance floor!

For those more reserved individuals we have awesome photo booths that will add a flair of fun and excitement to your reception. Most guest encounter the difficulty of trying to decide do I remain in line for the photo booth or can I refrain from goring back on the dance floor for another 30 minute dance set. In case you're wondering, must people charge out of line straight for the dance floor with a euphoria like never before. This night will be memorable and for months and years to come, your guests won't stop talking about the amazing time they had at your wedding.

8 months ago- Bride and Grooms listen up! This man DJ Devin has got to best the best DJ in the greater area of Memphis and MidSouth if you want your people to actually dance! He got people to dance that have never danced in their lives. I mean give this man the Nobel Prize for Humanity!!

The ceremony and all song ques were perfect and he met with us to talk us through everything. Absolutely zero regrets on choosing him and he made the night even better!

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